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Meet Your Instructors

Meet some of your instructors who will be taking you on a fun and fit workout journey!

Meet some of your instructors who will be taking you on a fun and fit workout journey!


These instructors will not only keep you motivated to stay active, but they will also teach you new dance moves and will keep you young at heart. Find out more about who they are and be sure to check out their Instagram pages for even more health and wellbeing inspiration.

Selena Brown

Hey, I’m Selena and I’m everything Fitness Blastoff! I’m a Marketing Mentor who loves to keep fit with good music. You’ll find me working hard behind the scenes to give you some of the best dance fitness trainers to keep you active in a fun way. You’ll also find me on here leading upbeat dance fitness classes.

Marta Costa

Hola! I’m Marta Costa and I’m excited to workout with you! I’m a Personal Trainer and Dance Fitness Instructor who is passionate about health and fitness. I’ve been described as a bundle of energy, a fitness fanatic and a lover of Reggaeton music. You’ll find me here shaking every body part to the best in Reggaeton.

Iesha Lucci

Hey! I’m Iesha Lucci, pronounced “Eye-Eesha Loo-Chii” and I’m a Habit Coach, Personal Trainer and Dance Fitness instructor based in South East London. I have always had a passion for dance, music, fitness and helping others change their habits. You’ll find me on here leading a range of easy to follow dance and fitness sessions.

Natalie Remee

What’s up! My name is Natalie and I’m a Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, a lover of lifting heavy weights, the AB QUEEN and a huge fan of Soca music. You'll find me on this website leading fun and fitness workouts, to the best in Soca music! In class, you’ll probably hear me saying “If in doubt, whine it out!”

Chriss Choreo 

Wa Gwaan! I’m Christina Gonzalez - also known as Chriss Choreo on Instagram! I’m a Jamaican Dance Fitness Instructor and the energy queen. I love to share my culture through dance and fitness. You’ll find me here teaching you the latest Dancehall steps combined with fitness to the best Dancehall party tracks. Get ready to dance like a Jamaican!

Karla Richards

Hi, I'm Karla! I'm a Personal Trainer, Dance Fitness Instructor and a Physiotherapist. You'll find me on this site delivering a range of high-energy and simple workouts to different music genres. I'm so excited to keep you working and staying active, whilst at home.