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How It Started

Selena started the Fitness Blastoff to:

  • turn your workout into a fun party experience
  • unite music from African and Caribbean culture with fitness
  • help other women stay active with fun, feeling and good vibes
  • combine easy to follow dance moves with fitness

Turning Your Workout Into A Party Experience


Selena started the Fitness Blastoff because she wanted to turn your workout into a party. Let's face it, sometimes doing the same workout routines to a bland playlist is not only repetitive, it gets tedious. That's why the Fitness Blastoff was created, to give you a variety of dance fitness workouts from qualified instructors who will add some spice to your workout routines.

Since 2013, Selena started making fitness a fun party experience by delivering live fitness events at nightclub venues. Along the way she's worked with various instructors and DJs who deliver vibrant dance fitness workouts to upbeat music you would usually hear at an urban nightclub. Her purpose was to throw you a party but fitness style with popular party tracks that will make you want to unite and move.

Music And Movement Is The Motive


Whenever we have a great night out, you know, those nights where you and your crew would dance non-stop - it's because the music was simply, good. Music is like magic for the mind and body. It has the power to make us feel great and is the key to an amazing workout. That is why it’s our mission to make your fitness a fun experience by hosting lively sessions with the music you love.

When Selena threw her very first Fitness Blastoff event in 2013, attendees were literally raving about how great the music was and were eager for more. Since then, Selena continued to throw more events over the years, focusing a great deal on making sure efforts was put into choosing the right music that will inspire good feelings and movement.

Did You Know...

Since 2013 there have been:
30+ in-person
events in London 
(inc. one in Dubai)
25+ online
sessions since April 2020
5,000+ attendee
(online and in-person)
30+ instructors
delivering sessions at Fitness Blastoff events
(based in London and Dubai)

A message from Selena, the founder


In 2013, I threw the first dance fitness party in London to add flavour to the fitness industry. I started the Fitness Blastoff simply because I wanted to just dance with the music I was familiar with and loved, in a lively party atmosphere whilst still getting a good workout. 

Although I love all kinds of workout activities, I have far more fun moving to my favourite party tracks - especially at the club with my friends. So long as the music is to my taste, I am that friend who will eventually sweat all her makeup off because I just can't stop dancing. After a good party, I always noticed that my step count was on fire and I had a workout without even realising it. That's when I realised dancing at the club counted as my cardio and why not create something similar but for people who wanted to workout. 

With my interest in fitness, I studied and got qualified as a Group Exercise Instructor in 2012 whilst juggling a full-time job as a Communications and Marketing Specialist. That year, I had also travelled to a large urban party experience called the Cancun Jumpoff. I enjoyed the experience so much and it was here that gave me the inspiration I needed, to do the Fitness Blastoff. So as soon as I returned from my vacation - I decided to turn exercise into a real and raw unique party experience. 


My motto is "dancing at the club counts as cardio." 

In 2013, whilst still working full-time, I organised and launched the very first Fitness Blastoff dance fitness party experience in London. I didn't know anybody in the fitness industry but after doing my research online and reaching out to the relevant people - I was able to get everything and everyone together to host the first event. The first event was held in August 2013 and had over 30 attendees. It went so well that people were asking for more and so I gave the people what they wanted and continued to throw these events year after year. Each time the number of attendees at an event continued to grow. Now (well, before the covid-19 pandemic), the most a Fitness Blastoff event has ever attracted, is over 300 attendees. The furthest the Fitness Blastoff has ever travelled to is Dubai, as mentioned in Time Out Dubai!

Now with covid-19, in-person events have been put on hold like every other event across the country. This has meant, I’ve had to rethink how I still deliver the Fitness Blastoff experience, but online. Although it may not be the same as being in a live music gig venue, I hope that anyone who joins the community and the Fitness Blastoff online experience will still have a BLAST. Thanks for reading my story. 

"I'm impressed by Selena's resilience and how quickly she managed to move all her face-to-face events and classes online. I witnessed her bringing together the community of teachers she collaborates with while managing the numerous challenges, technical, administrative, and team management related. On top of that she made the most of the changes by organising MORE events and classes for us. From my perspective, she handled it brilliantly and seemed to be maintaining an incredible level of flexibility and empathy towards her colleagues and students."


Happy Customer

"Amazing working with the Fitness Blastoff! Especially the Founder Selena as her professionalism and energy is second to none. Fitness Blastoff feels like family now."


Founder of Twerk After Work

"We were thrilled to hear that Selena decided to bring Fitness Blastoff to Dubai! Selena's mega amazing organisation skills are fabulous and the way she kept us all up to date about everything, provided us with personalised marketing material to put on our social media, really helped, too. It was a fabulously put together event, with everyone just having an amazing time on the dancefloor!"


Co-Founder of Dancebody DXB

Press Mentions

Our catchy cardio classes have even caught the attention of the press and media a few times. Check out a few of the articles we’ve been mentioned in below.

"It was raucous, wild, barely contained, high energy and a total blast – my cheeks hurt from smiling. I left feeling sweaty, starving and elated afterwards, plus I loved learning about dance from different cultures."

"Try them all, just a few or even one – it’s up to you but either way you’re guaranteed to get moving and grooving. Who said burning calories have to be boring?"

"The trend – from one-off events to weekly sessions – can be game-changing for both ­fitness fanatics looking for something unique and newcomers searching for that inviting entrance into the ­perceived dull or daunting world of exercise."

I started the Fitness Blastoff because I wanted to create a space where I could workout to the music that I was familiar with and bring together dance moves from the black culture that I love.


Selena Brown, Founder

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