The Events

What is the difference between the main Fitness Blastoff event and the pop-up parties?

The main event is longer, includes up to eight instructors and workouts, has a live DJ and is usually held in a unique events space. The main event has at least 300 fitness partygoers in the building and includes a stage area. 

On the other hand, the pop-up parties are on a smaller scale, they may not include a live DJ, are usually held at smaller venues or dance studios and limited to roughly 40-50 attendees. They consist of two instructors and workouts i.e. Afrobeats vs Dancehall or House vs Garage. 

How often is the main event and the pop-up parties?

The main event happens once a year in April. 


The pop-up parties takes place throughout the year, usually up to six times a year. Check the pop-up parties page for upcoming events.  

How long is the main event and the pop-up party for?
The main event is usually five hours with each workout lasting 25-mins with a 5-min break in between each one. But we promise you, it may sound like a lot but it doesn't feel like it one bit because the music is banging and the workouts are fun! 

The pop-up party is usually for two hours with each instructor delivering 45-mins per session with a 5-min break in between. 

The Workouts

Are the workouts for beginners?
Yes! All routines are for men and women and all fitness levels are welcome to participate!  However, please also bear in mind that how much you choose to take part is up to you - want to rest a little longer - then take your time. This is an open event and it’s about you feeling comfortable but once you hear the music, see the workouts and feel the vibe - you’ll probably be up and ready to battle and blast through the next session!

Do I need to participate in each workout to attend?
You do not need to participate in every workout. How much you choose to take part is up to you.


Tickets and Registration

Do I need to bring anything with me?
All you need to bring with you is a sweat towel, a bottle of water and lots of energy!

How old do you have to be to take part?
Instructors are qualified to work with anyone aged 16+.

Can children attend?
I’m afraid this event is for 16+. There is no facility for children or babies.

Tickets are sold out online, can I purchase one on the day?

Once tickets are sold out online, you may be able to buy tickets on the door. You can email us to query about a specific event. 

Do I need to print and bring my ticket with me on the day?
No. When you order your space to attend the party, your name will automatically be added to the attendee registration list. So you do not need to print your ticket

How much are the tickets?

Tickets for pop-up parties are usually £10 whilst tickets for the main event are between £15-20. We also offer group discounts for our main events. 

Eventbrite only allows me to pay via PayPal, are there any other ways for me to pay to avoid paying via PayPal?

Yes, you can do this option for our pop-up parties only.


Sign up to attend the pop-up party online and then pay at the door. This will allow you to still be entitled to receive the online discount. To do this, go to Eventbrite and choose the option which says "Show other payment options". This is located under the "Order Now" button. Now select your ticket type, then click on "Pay Offline".  Enter all your details and then click "Pay at the door". This will mean that you will still be entitled to receive the online price at the door.


Please note that this does not apply to the main event. 

If tickets have been purchased as a group, how does each member gain entry if they attend the event separately?

Group members should give the groups lead name (i.e the person who purchased the group tickets) to ensure they get signed in. 

Venue and Facilities

Where will I keep my valuables?

The venue will have a cloakroom where you can place your belongings. 

Does the venue have any shower or changing facilities?

No. The venue does not have any shower facilities available for Fitness Blastoff attendees to use. It is advisable to come already dressed in your workout gear. We will also have a stand where we will give out freshen up products. 


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