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Did someone say non-alcoholic punch?

events and classes Jun 04, 2022

It wouldn't be a party without some punch! We are so excited that Padnas Ltd will be joining this year's Fitness Blastoff event, on Saturday 11 June, to provide and sell their fresh fruit craft mocktails and non-alcoholic punch! Padnas Ltd is a cocktail and mocktail brand specialising in creating and crafting unique rum punch. However, they pride themselves on their ability to be adaptable and versatile and will adapt their services to suit our event theme. 


I know you might be thinking - but what's a party without the alcohol? The Fitness Blastoff is a fun dance fitness party experience but we want to also show you that we can all have a BLAST with dry socialising. 


Plus, we want to ensure that you perform at your best capacity and make the most of your workout which is why the ladies at Padnas Ltd will stick to providing you with their healthier beverage options. Whilst still utilising fresh fruits to craft the beverages to keep the refreshing taste, Padnas will still give you a party in a bottle with the following beverages:


  • OG: A drink you can enjoy all year round. They have a cool mix of mango, orange, and tropical fruit juices with a squeeze of lemons and limes, to give a sweet and sour taste of the Caribbean. 


  • Trophy: They'll have you sipping on liquid gold with this one. They’ve blended fresh mango with tropical and pineapple juice, and added a squeeze of lime to bring you this fabulous glittery drink. 


  • Healthy Ginger and apple shots: Providing you with an intense and spicy yet sweet shot of ginger helping you power up your performance. Freshly blended ginger, green apple and mineral water. These shots will give your immune system the boost it needs. High in antioxidants, vitamin A and C and increases metabolism.


So be sure to look out for the Padnas Ladies and grab yourself some of their party punches to power up your performance. After a day of dancing, partying and sipping on refreshing mocktails, you'll be pleased to know that the next day there will be no hangovers! You'll get to still enjoy staying active, the party and the punch without the lingering effects of drinking alcohol and your mind and body will feel much better for it too.


Who are Padnas Ltd?

Padnas (pronounced pad-nuhz) was founded by two best friends with St. Lucian heritage, which is why you will find St. Lucia in their logo and a little piece of home in their drinks. Padnas is a creole term from friends and we are hoping you will be able to enjoy their drink with your own.