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6 ways to boost your mental health

mental health May 10, 2021

We all go through situations in life that will challenge our mental health. Some days are amazing and we feel on top of the world, whilst on other days, negative experiences can take over our mental health making things harder to deal with. This is why it's so important to make a concerted effort to be proactive and to do specific activities on a regular basis that will help to improve our overall mental health and how we see and deal with these obstacles that come up in life. Have a look at the 6 things below you can do that will help boost your mental health.

Exercise and stay active
You already know this is a top one for us at Fitness Blastoff. Exercise and movement produces feel-good hormones which instantly make you feel more positive and boosts your mind. To really see the benefits, you should try and exercise for at least 30-mins everyday and preferably in the morning to kickstart your day in an energising way. Choose an exercise you enjoy because that way, you'll do more of it. Put on your favourite music and just get moving. Our bodies were made to move, so when you start moving, you will instantly feel better.

Listen to a motivational speaker
There are so many podcasts to tune into or videos on YouTube from people around the globe encouraging others through their words of wisdom. If you need encouragement or a boost of motivation and don't have anyone to talk or turn to, then why not try listening to an inspirational speaker? These speakers have a wealth of knowledge and life experiences which they are willing to share to help motivate, encourage and inspire others. If you have a YouTube channel, subscribe to the following channels and get your daily dose of inspiration. These are just a few out of many!

Us humans are always on the go! If it's not physically, then we certainly are mentally. We have so much going on that we hardly ever take the time to rest. If we aren't doing something, then I'm sure we are thinking about it. Our mind is always turned on. Always thinking about something - which can increase stress. Take the time each day to tune out. Switch off your mind and meditate. Put on calming and peaceful music, tune out from the world for a moment and tune into peace. Try the apps Headspace or Calm to try meditating and ultimately boost your mental health.

Eat nutritious food
You are what you eat
 - that saying is so true! When you eat junk food, you may just feel lethargic and irritable. But the moment you consistently fill yourself up with nutritious food, you start feeling more energised. Take a look at your diet. What are you eating? Are the foods making you feel good? If not, then maybe it's time to change your diet to include foods that boost your mental health. Go for lean meats, fruits, plenty vegetables as well as foods rich in omega-three fatty acids such as salmon. These are great brain boosting foods that will instantly improve your mental health.

Connect and communicate with the right people
Us humans need others. It doesn't matter whether you're an introvert either, we all need social interaction. Being around the right people who bring your spirits up is vital for our mental health. I'm not saying we should rely on these people for encouragement but when you spend more time with people who make you feel good, you will start feeling so much better. If you are naturally more of a negative thinker, then spending time with people who are a bit more positive might help you change the way you see or process things. Don't be afraid to reach out and make contact. And if you don't have people you can connect with, there are several ways you can meet new people including joining Facebook Groups, through Meetups or at a class or an event. And if your budget allows, why not find a mentor or therapist - someone you can speak to about your feelings etc.

Say positive affirmations
Saying affirmations on a regular basis helps your mind to focus on the positives and gives your mind the opportunity to access new beliefs and focus on your goals. They release you from any fears or worries you have and the best thing about these is if you repeat them on a daily basis, you are beginning to change your thought process and patterns. Have a look at the positive affirmations below and try saying these to yourself each day until it becomes a habit.

Our mental health is our priority - so be sure to be proactive and be persistent in protecting yours. Stay safe, well and encouraged šŸ˜Š