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6 reasons why I started the Fitness Blastoff

events and classes Sep 07, 2019

It's TRUE when they say that entrepreneurs create and innovate through either frustrations they personally experience with other businesses or because they just notice that certain things are missing and that those things, would make their experience better. I started the Fitness Blastoff dance fitness party experience for a number of reasons. Not only does it bring my LOVE for dancing, fitness, music and a good party together, it fills a few gaps that were missing in the industry, including the opportunity to combine dance with fitness and the chance to embrace cultural diversity in fitness. At some point, after I qualified as an Exercise to Music instructor, I got that lightbulb moment and saw the opportunity to create a concept that brought a smile to my face, kept my heart racing, that made me feel so alive and excited and which kept my mind so engaged. Find out how I got to this point by reading 6 reasons why I started the Fitness Blastoff.

1 - To workout to the music I LOVE

I remember attending a dance class, way back in my early 20s. Although the moves were easy to follow and the instructor was great - I felt bored. This was all because the music wasn't to my taste. I didn't feel alive and I certainly didn't feel like I was getting anything from participating in the class. For me, working out to good music, really does boost my performance. I wanted to attend a class that would make me feel excited. For me, that meant working out to upbeat music, that I LOVE

2 - To embrace cultural diversity in fitness

When I studied my Exercise to Music course, I was given a mix CD which I had to use to practice my routines too. Honestly, I didn't like any of the song choices. The songs were all one genre of music and didn't allow me to embrace or express myself or my identity. After passing my exam, I started practicing my own routines to songs that I was more familiar with - which I really enjoyed! So, I wanted to create a movement which allowed for cultural diversity in fitness, particularly from Afro-Caribbean backgrounds as I believe this was more scarce in the fitness industry back then

3 - To party and have a BLAST whilst working out

I LOVE a good party. What makes a good party for me are the vibes, the music and dancing. On a night out, if the music is good and to my taste, I could dance all night. I'm that friend, that will sweat all my make-up off because I just can't stop dancing. As well as a chance to socialise with friends, I started to see some of my nights out as a good way to burn calories and get in a workout.. I always felt so alive and energised after a good night out. I wanted to have that same feeling in a dance or fitness class

4 - Learn new dance styles

One thing I really enjoyed about some of the nightclubs and parties I went to was the synchronized movement we'd all do when a specific tune came on. For example, when I went to the States, I learnt a new dance called Swag Surfin in 2009 [youtube it]. As soon as that track played in the club, everyone would start singing the lyrics and start doing the dance to the track - swaying from left-right. I used to attend a few Dancehall nights back in my early 20s, and learned so many popular party dancehall steps. I loved how everyone got involved when specific songs came on and started doing the same dance together. It's so much fun and a great way to socialise and foster friendships whilst learning a new dance step from different cultures and countries. Something I wanted to add to my classes and events

5 - A simple dance fitness class

I used to attend the odd dance class and although I like and welcome the challenge of learning a choreography, some of the routines were just a little hard for me to follow and were catered to more professional dancers. I couldn't really find a class that catered for people who just wanted to just dance, learn simple dance routines with a fitness aspect. I still wanted something that was fun and simple so that I could enjoy the routine and feel like I've achieved and learned something new

6 - To create an experience that feels good

Dancing, good music and great experiences make me feel good. I remember back in 2012, I attended my first party holiday adventure called the Cancun Jumpoff in Mexico. I absolutely had the BEST time dancing over the course of 3 days and attending great parties - all of which made me feel amazing! I loved the music, the vibes, the energy of the people in attendance, the DJs and just the experience as a whole. This was the moment where the Fitness Blastoff idea came to life

Once I had the idea, I planned the entire event from creation right through to completion. I researched venues, created the brand, developed the website, researched and liaised with instructors and promoted the event, whilst holding down my full-time job as a Marketing and Communications Officer working for a charity for young people at the time. I then launched the Fitness Blastoff with the very first event happening on August 2013 where I had 30 people in attendance. Since then, I've worked extremely hard to grow the event and now I have an average of 150-200 people in attendance at the London events. I wasn't sure how things were going to work out but when you have a vision and an idea that sparks something inside of you, I believe it's always worth giving it a shot. If it works, then great - if it doesn't, then at least you tried.

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