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6 reasons to attend a dance fitness party

events and classes Sep 17, 2019

So you attend dance fitness classes at your local gym or studio - BUT - you have never attended a dance fitness party. You've heard about the Fitness Blastoff and want to know why you should attend? Well, here are six reasons why you need to attend this unique dance fitness party - see below.

It will give you that PARTY feeling

When you step into a Fitness Blastoff experience, you will feel like you are stepping into a live music gig or a nightclub. Imagine a dimly-lit or a darkened room with club-lighting effects, glitter and loud music with pure bass! It's a REAL part-ayyyy!

There is a LIVE DJ

We need more than a Spotify playlist at the Fitness Blastoff. Our resident DJ will keep the tracks spinning and keep you moving and grooving to the BEST beats that you'd hear on a night out. Be ready to hear songs that will make you feel energised, happy and ready to party!

You will LOVE the music

You get to dance and workout to the music you'd usually hear on a night out at a trendy West-End nightclub or a buzzing Shoreditch bar! You will find genres of music from Dancehall and Soca to Hip-Hop and 90s Garage. There's a great playlist for a variety of people.

You will learn new dance fitness workouts

So that you have a great workout, there are professional dance fitness instructors who take centre stage to deliver party workouts. They will take you through simple dance fitness workout. It doesn't matter if you THINK you have two-left feet - as long as you can move, you can dance. As soon as the music plays, you will lose yourself in the music. The instructors make each session fun with their vibrant personality and great moves. Not only will you have an amazing workout, but you'll learn a few new dance moves in the process.

You will make a new friend

We are a friendly bunch! It doesn't matter if you come with friends or by yourself, the room is filled with fun-loving people who want to dance, workout and party as much as you do. You will surely meet like-minded friendly folks!

Burn calories

Did you know that you can burn up to 1000 calories at the Fitness Blastoff event? You will take part in fun, total body workouts. But guess what? It doesn't feel like a workout. So you'll be staying fit, burning calories whilst doing something you love.