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5 tips to remember when dancing to Dancehall

dance fitness Jan 18, 2018

In Dancehall, the dance moves are extremely important - it's what makes dancehall and its what brings artists and the people together. We love dancing to Dancehall and have worked with a few instructors who have taught our attendees several moves. Not only do they teach us the moves but the technique and the swag that goes with each of those moves. Here are some tips to keep in mind when dancing to Dancehall.

Do di dance

In Dancehall, the dance moves are just as important as the music. They both feed off each other perfectly. Most of the dance styles were made inline with the music - so remember when di song plays, do di dance nuh man!

Move with meaning

Just like with any other dance - dance like you mean it and put passion into your step. The one thing I love about Dancehall is the array of moves, the meaning behind those moves and the attitude and energy that comes with those moves. So buss di place and dance like you mean it.

Ride di riddim

Most dancehall songs come with a specific dance move. The dance moves ride well with the riddim. So when you dance, feel the beat, experience the rhythm and get your flow. Express yourself alongside the bashy bassline.

Relax, unite and big up yuhself

Dancing is a huge part of the Jamaican culture. Jamaican people love a good dance and party - I'd like to say, it's their way of uniting, relaxation and enjoyment. When the music is blazing, people dance (no matter whose watching) and others surround and cheer them on - even on the streets. So, with that being said - relax and enjoy.

It’s more than just the whine and the behind

Even though we like it - remember, there are an array of Dancehall moves which involves moving all other parts of your body other than whining and the behind 🙂 Don’t forget the days of Bogle aka Mr Wacky who was and still is famous for making up dances that make you feel like you’re doing a cardio fitness workout in a rave. So be prepared for a complete body workout.