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3 tips to kick-start your fitness journey

health and fitness Jan 01, 2017

So you want to kick-start your fitness regime? You may think you have the right mindset to get started, but what can you do to motivate yourself to keep going? How do you get past that stage when you want to cancel your gym membership and call it quits? There are many reasons and lifestyle factors why new gym members cancel their membership before the month's out but have you ever asked yourself - what do I enjoy? What would keep my interest? And what will motivate me to keep going?

TIP ONE What keeps me going is a plan. Goals. But realistic goals. Set yourself goals that you know you will meet. Don't set yourself goals you know you won’t meet. Know yourself and what you will stick to. If you know you'll only have time to exercise for 10-mins a day, then set this as your goal. If you know you'll only have the time and energy to go to the gym twice a week, then set it as your goal. Make it realistic and you'll be more likely to stick it out.

TIP TWO Do what you love. The gym isn't the only method to kick-start your fitness. Maybe you enjoy dancing or boxing or running outdoors. Find your fitness passion. Learn more about yourself and what you enjoy and then find activities that centre around that. I personally love dancing, boxing and I enjoy working out in the gym so these are the only exercises I stick to majority of the time. Sometimes I may try other workouts but I mainly stick to the three mentioned because I enjoy it and I know I'll stick to it on a weekly basis. So do something you love!

TIP THREE Now you have your goals and the activities you'd like to do, create and add this to your timetable. Write down what you plan to do each day, at what time and where. Set weekly reminders on your phone and follow that timetable until it all becomes habitual.

If you've never been into fitness it can be easy to get excited and to get started but it can be difficult to keep up the momentum. Doing these three things will allow you to really think about your goals and passion first before launching into it. Once you delve into yourself mentally and really know what you want and know what will keep you on track - it'll be easy for you to stay motivated during the course of your fitness journey.