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How I transformed my body

weight loss Apr 21, 2021

After trying on some of her favourite outfits and realising that they no longer fitted her, Marta decided it was time to cut the crap and improve her health and wellbeing. She loved to dance and took up Zumba as a way to kickstart her weight loss journey - she loved it so much, that she decided to become a Zumba instructor. This was the start of her body transformation. Fast forward to now, she has not only lost weight, she has managed to gain muscle definition and is now a qualified Personal Trainer helping others achieve their body goals too. Read more about her journey!

My lifestyle wasn’t healthy!

I used to drink a lot and didn't care about my health and fitness. One day after trying on some clothes and realising it didn't fit -  I felt depressed. The maximum weight I reached was 68kg which is about over 10 stones. I’m only 157cm in height, so very small and was overweight for my height. So that's when I felt I needed to stop and make a change. 

I started with dancing and going to the gym. 

I love to dance, and so started to take Zumba classes. My husband came along to watch me take part and encouraged me to become an instructor because he said I was so good! So I got my Zumba qualification and then started teaching classes and motivating others. Not only did I fall in love delivering Zumba classes, but it really encouraged me to lose weight myself. It was also such a great stress relief! I also began going to the gym to workout. Once I started, I never stopped. I wanted more and more and so then got qualified to teach other classes such as pump fit and body combat. I had truly found my passion. In five months I lost 12kgs (1 stone). 

I started to play with weights

I didn't have muscles but as I saw my body fat going down, with time, I started to play about with weights and the muscles started to grow. I started off light and once my body was getting used to that weight, I’d increase it to continue shocking my body and producing more results.

I increased my weight all the time, trained until my muscles failed and with this technique, noticed my body was getting stronger. 

I also learnt that it's not always down to the scales when it comes to weight loss. For me, it was looking at pictures to see my transformation. Especially when I started to lift weights and gain muscle, because muscle weighs more than body fat. 

Now, I’m more flexible with myself

When I was losing weight and gaining muscle, I was very strict with myself. I had a nutrition plan and did not want to eat anything that wasn’t part of my plan - not even chewing gum! But now I’m a bit more relaxed and allow myself a treat. Back when I was trying to gain muscle, I went to about 17% body fat and now my body fat has increased to over 20%. But I’m fine with that. I’ve seen what my body can do and have achieved that goal. Now, I’m more relaxed and allow myself the occasional treat. 

Consistency is the key

Whatever body goal you have in mind, you have to really want it and put your heart into it. It's about changing your habits and staying consistent. You don't need to start big, just start small and notice how the little changes make a lot of difference overtime. Find an activity you really enjoy and do it - for me, it was dance. I’d also recommend finding a professional who can help and instruct you. Reduce your food intake. Little habits will make big changes. If you have five spoonful's of sugars, then reduce to two. Dedicate yourself, be consistent, determined and strong. 

I take pictures to keep me on track 

I still have bad days where I feel lazy and have cravings. When I have these days, I look back to see how my body was and that motivates me. I use that as motivation. I take pictures to track my progress. I check my body daily, I love to see myself and see how my body is progressing. 

Don’t complicate your diet

We don’t have to complicate our diet. If you have foods that you really enjoy, then why not eat it. I like to have variety in my plans and just make healthy swaps i.e. brown bread instead of white.

I love eggs - I eat them everyday. I also eat lean meats i.e. chicken and fish. I always have vegetables, sweet potatoes and salads. I never cut my carbs, I always eat healthy carbs - they are delicious and we need them for energy. 

I like to cook my own foods majority of the time. I don’t eat processed foods and would definitely recommend to avoid that and just cook your own food. 

Always drink water!

I drink up to 4 litres of water a day but that’s because I’m very active. If you struggle to drink water, start small with maybe 1 litre a day and see how you get on. Water has not only helped with my activity levels but it has helped to soften my skin and reduce cellulite.

I don’t drink juice at all because we need all the fibre from the fruit. When you blend the juice you’re removing all the fibre, so I prefer to just eat the fruits.

I love drinking healthy smoothies - they are very filling. So usually I drink lots of water and have the occasional glass of wine too.

Supplements and shakes

I started taking BCAAs but then I found that they have a lot of sugar so now I don’t take them. But I take creatine which is the best because it helps with muscle growth and gives me energy, plus our body already has creatine so I’m just adding to it.

I also have whey protein shakes but usually have these if I’m on the go as they’re easier to consume. But I always give priority to food. I only have protein shakes if I’m on the go. I take vitamin D3 and Omega 3.  

How I help others

At the moment, I run a range of online classes, 6 days a week and I also deliver Personal Training sessions online as well. I produce nutrition plans for my clients and help them with training programmes. I’m trying my best to help as many people as I can. I always encourage my clients to speak to me and send me pictures so that I can keep up with them. Their goals are my goals too. 

Lasting advice!

Whatever is your goal - be consistent! If you start today, don’t let the weekends spoil your efforts. Once you start, start and continue on track. If you really want it, you can do it. Don’t give up. Once you receive the results it will become an addiction. 

Also I’ve learned we should not compare ourselves with others. I used to be like that but our bodies genetically are different and so we need to respect our bodies and ourselves. I’ve learned to respect my body and always try to improve all the time. 

If you want to transform your body and need help doing so, find out more about the services Marta offers on her website.